Best marketing lesson Silicon Valley can teach businesses

Silicon Valley is the mecca of web startups, there is the perception (yes perception) that by going there your chances of becoming the next Facebook or Google are high, your email will be filled with investors proposals and media will chase after your for an interview.

Well, it does not work this way, I have been in this game, during Web 2.0, reached close to be part of the search giant but all these taught me a great marketing lesson which I only recently realized.

So why has Silicon Valley managed to build such a reputation? It is certainly for its successes, otherwise no one would buy into it but what it managed to do is MAKE PEOPLE DREAM that if they get there, the chances of becoming the next hot startup are high.

So, how do we apply this principle to online marketing? By selling a dream, an idea that if you get our service or product you WILL:

  • Become sexy
  • Loose weight
  • Become more productive
  • Make more money
  • Create great presentation
  • Have unforgettable vacations

Sell the idea behind your product/service, the outcome and not the features.

How do you achieve that?

  • Get wow photos, do not be stingy
  • Create compelling copy that sells the dream behind your product and not that your product comes with 5 xx features.

The best marketing quote I have ever heard in my life is from Jack TroutMarketing is battle of perceptions and not products “. You can gain a customer only if you get “control” of his mind.

Even more powerful is the “ never give up “ mentality, by not giving up and keep trying you keep the whole Silicon Valley system rolling, you keep spending and spending till you are broke, and be sure some make huge money, see cloud storage and web hosting providers.

What is your best marketing lesson learned?

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