5 mobile marketing apps every business should have

Mobile marketing apps are in great demand these days. Smartphones like iPhone5, Samsung galaxy S3, HTC droid, Google nexus, LG Optimus etc. have numerous apps related to business, fitness, health, finance; marketing etc. App developers are increasing the functionality of these applications which do multiple tasks. These apps made marketer’s life easy and improved their productivity.

Here are some successful apps that help marketer boost their business sales.

Evernote: As a marketer, you need to think about different ideas to boost your sales. Now you can store your ideas at any point of time using Evernote tool. Capture your ideas while on the go. Once you create an account, you can access the information any time. It will automatically synchronise and update your notes so that you can go through the latest information. This acts as a virtual notepad which is an important tool that keeps you up-to-date with market news.

– Synchronise your files

– Create to-do lists, task lists

– Prioritise your notes

– Save or bookmark important notes

– Email notes and tweets to EverNote account.

Dropbox: This is an amazing tool for collecting and sharing the files with different clients. Download Dropbox and share your files whenever required. The best feature of this tool is that you can send large files through emails or can inform your business partner to access the data.

– Keep a track of your ideas

– Share your documents

– Edit your documents

– Can save important email attachments

– Share photos and videos to Dropbox

Hoot suite: Measure your social media tools using hoot suite. You can post, monitor and can check your progress on social networks. You can post important contents on popular sites like Twitter, Facebook, and Google+. It gives detailed analytics which help you to identify the number of followers, traffic and organic clicks. By using this app, you can interact with followers at any time and can solve their queries.

– Manage your social network account at one location using this app

– Supports multiple accounts.

– You can upload photos, receive notifications, view status of the website etc.

– Program your twitter schedules while on the go

– Comment on your status.

Eventbrite: Book your events in advance using Eventbrite. You can track your customer details and can make backend reports. So, you can keep track of upcoming events on your Smartphone in an easy manner.

– Determine the events happening in your niche

– Find upcoming events

– Get the details of event information

– Promote your event data

– Sell your event tickets.

Statigram:  As a marketer you need to measure your social media progress. Now you can track this information using Statigram. This app is getting popular in the present days. This feature is attained by Facebook and it also used by different marketing campaigns. It gives information regarding famous photos and notifies to post new photos when required. It displays the statistical date related to number of likes, traffic, no of visitors etc.

– Gives statistics of instagram accounts.

– You can get the customer rating with filters.

– Manage your conversations

– Analyse your activities

– Engage your customers in contents.

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