5 types of killer social media content

Have you ever thought why some businesses experienced tremendous success on their social media strategies? All it takes is creating great content that makes people crazy to share it with their friends. There is no magic formula but hard and consistent work. Think yourself as a standalone newspaper that needs to find or create content that everyone wants to SHARE.

Instead of trying to find out what type of content your fans want; put yourself in their shoes, would you share the piece of content you created? Would it make you go crazy and spread the word about it? If yes, then you are on the right track.

Here are 5 types of content that have proved to help businesses increase engagement on social networks:

1. Photos – Internet is all about visuals, therefore having a lot of photos at your social media profiles on a daily basis is essential. It does not mean that any photos will work, make sure they are relevant to your content and most importantly are worth taking a look at them. Invest in a good camera and build your photography skills, look around for ideas and be willing to learn. You will be surprised the difference to the level of engagement a great photo makes compared to an average one. Avoid copying photos, you can either buy royalty free ones or simply go out and create content yourself. For example, if you run a hotel, go around your city, take a lot of photos from your city’s traveler’s hot spots, watermark them and publish them. Do not forget, the more photos your show the more time your visitors will stay at your pages.

2. Videos – Similarly to the photos are videos, they work great because it is human nature to just sit and watch a great video. Again, content must be great and worth taking the time to watch. On the contrary to photos, it is harder to produce high quality videos because it requires more time and resources. You do not need quantity but quality. Invest in a good video camera, write the script yourself and start shooting. Make sure you add your logo and play around with the animations.

3. Voting Polls – Voting polls are viral by nature; it is just human nature to answer a question and most importantly wanting to see what others think about it as well. They can be as simple as “how did you spend your weekend “and does not require a lot of critical thinking. Do not forget, the hardest your content is to be understood the easiest to be ignored. Furthermore, people feel good when someone is asking them about their daily activities; they feel that someone cares about them, so this someone better be you and not your competitors. There are many voting polls apps for all social media networks, just stick to the simplest ones.

4. Contests – Social media contents are also another great tool to increase engagement with your fans and followers. However, it requires planning and most importantly a prize hard to resist. There are plenty of apps out there to create contents. It can be linked to a local event e.g F1 race or just a standalone competition. Create great visuals and build as much publicity as you can around it. Photo contests are great examples of successful social media contests as they viral by nature e.g vote for your favorite place in your city, or favorite Halloween costume.

5. Exclusive content – If you want to increase engagement for a special social media network advocates, create content available only for them. Exclusive videos, photos, special discounts, or celebrity interviews are great means to achieve that. Make sure the content is appealing to your audience, it is not distributed anywhere else and it is difficult for the mass to get access to it.

Example: Exclusive photos of the F1 Race in Monaco; Planning & Executing (There is a high chance that only few will be able to attend such an event as opposed to a Halloween party, so here comes exclusivity and difficulty for the mass to get access to it)
1. Assign your team to take hundreds (the more the better) of photos before, during and after the event.
2. Send out a newsletter and let everyone know about this exclusive content.
3. Create a new tab at your Facebook page and require for visitors to like your page before viewing the content.
4. Promote the posts at the social network (Facebook promoted posts have 10x higher click through and engagement rate)

Finding out what content works the best for your audience requires a lot of trial and error events, collect data and based on it decide where to focus.

Which of these 5 types of content do you use?

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