How we increased mobile engagement by 84% in just 1 month

So, here is how we increased mobile engagement by 84% in just 1 month. Thewebcitizen was running for the past year on a mobile wordpress plugin called wptouch. The plugin offers a basic mobile setup for any blog, it is free to get, the interface is clean and easy to navigate. Well known blogs run on this plugin, therefore, the choice was certainly a good one.

However, since Mashable called 2013 the year of responsive design, we decided to give it a try (just kidding) do these guys have any idea what are they talking about? Apparently they do, so after careful planning with our design team, we moved on and launched on a responsive mode end of January 2013.

So, here are the results, the time users stay on the website now has nearly doubled, visitors view more pages per session and the bounce rate dropped as well. We did not take into account the 4x times increase on visit duration from a non mobile site to a responsive design because we could not compare apples with oranges, although, the growth on visits duration from non mobile site to a mobile site was just 17%

Design Format Pages/visit Visit Duration Bounce rate
Responsive Design 1.68 0:02:11 65.22%
Mobile Site 1.45 0:01:15 76.40%
Non Mobile Site 1.27 0:00:58 81.65%
Pages/visit + 16%
Visit Duration + 84%
Bounce rate - 15%


What is the verdict? In our case, responsive design works great, its seamless experience make visitors stick to it and spend more time navigating around, however, we still need to see a consistent trend for at least another three months to make this statement conclusive; however, I believe that would be the case. Click here to see how looks great across all devices.

Make sure you do not miss our latest post 10 tips about responsive website design, a great guide to help you get started.

So, will you give it a try and move on a responsive design? What are your plans?


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